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CYC LURES Speed Skirts

CYC LURES Speed Skirts

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The CYC LURES Speed Skirt is an easy on, easy off patented, silicone hub mounted, lure skirt which consists of 70 silicone skirt strands 2.5" long.  Hand placed around a retainer hub creating this unique hub mounted strand design. The strands project out from the hub at a 90 degree angle creating a perfect umbrella shape and a pulsating action like no other skirt on the market.


Now you can change the color of your skirt without having to change your lure.  The CYC LURES Speed Skirt comes standard on the Heavy-Hitter Flippin Jig, Football Jigs, Thumper Jigs, Spinner Baits and RGA Buzzbaits.

**Craw Pack consists of 1 of each: Fire Craw, Green Pumpkin/Brown, Black/Blue            **Shad Pack consists of 1 of each: Shad, Chartreuse/White, White w/ Silver       **Bream Pack consists of 1 of each: Bluegill, Green Pumpkin/Brown, Black/Blue

3 Speed Skirts per pack 

US Patent #7,805,880